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The Daltons | Family Session | Gretna, Virginia Family Photographer

Quick post: Yesterday I had the pleasure of working with this lovely family and just had to share more with them!

Meet the Daltons!

Megan Bryant Photography

Isn't this the most precious thing? She just leaned over on Mommy and I just had to capture it!

Megan Bryant PhotographyMegan Bryant Photography

Sweet Emma...

Megan Bryant PhotographyMegan Bryant Photography


Megan Bryant Photography

This little red chair was Ainsley's Mommy's chair when she was little...such a sweet photo!

Megan Bryant Photography

Thanks so much for booking us for your family photos! And for dealing with the cooler weather that moved in on us this weekend:)

Can't wait to show you more:)

If you're interested in booking a session with us, just use the 'Contact' tab! We look forward to hearing from you! -Megan

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Kolton is 1! | Chatham, Virginia Photographer

My sweet boy, Kolton, is 1 already!! I just can't believe it has been a whole seems like just yesterday that I was pregnant, then in the hospital having this sweet bundle of joy. He truly was a bundle of joy...I can't remember life before him! My husband and I couldn't have asked for a bigger blessing...we have watched him grow from a little peanut to now a toddler! Kolton will forever hold a HUGE place in my, before I cry, here are some photos (just a few that I grabbed real quick!) that give a glance into the past year...

One of my favorite photos from the hospital...he hadn't even taken his first official breath yet!

Proud Daddy cutting the cord...

My little thumb sucker:)

3 months...the red chair photos begin!

The next few are from his 5 month session:) Some of my favorites!

LOVE the one below!

Sitting up like a big man!


I SOOOO wish we could have gotten him smiling of my favorites of the chair photos...we figured out a few minutes later that he just wasn't feeling well...


Look at him all big! Standing with his chair!!

May at the Beach:)

Walking at 9.5 months!

Kolton's first 4th!

My adventurous little man:) The next few are all 11 months...

First Haircut! At 11 months...

Here, he is almost 1!

This photo was used for his Birthday Party invitations...

I still haven't blogged his cake smash session...I am WAY behind on editing his photos! He enjoyed it, that's for sure! We used my old high chair--yep, you heard that right, this was my high chair when I was a baby! He uses it every time he is at Nana & Poppa's:)

At his Birthday Party...a "barnyard" theme:)

Running around with is candle:)

And...on the 15th...his 1st Birthday! Such a big boy now! And no, I didn't make that amazing birthday poster prop:) Nor the onesie! All thanks to Etsy!

Sigh. I can't believe it. I just can't! And I'm sure the years ahead will fly by just as quickly...I'll just watch him grow and steal all the hugs and kisses that I can:)

Thanks for taking the time to read my sappy post!

~Blessed beyond measure~

- MB



Kolton is 10 months old! | Chatham, Virginia Photographer

My sweet "baby" boy is growing up so fast:( He is learning so much now that he is mobile...yes, you heard that right! He started walking about 2 weeks ago. He now has 4 teeth and loves eating off of Mommy & Daddy's plates:) I can't believe his 1st birthday is just around the corner!

Sigh. I know, time flies...but for now, I want to just take in all of this cuteness...join me?

Thanks for viewing;)




Kolton | 5 months | South Central VA On Location Photographer

I can't believe my son, Kolton, is 5 months old already! I decided to do his photos about 1 week early because of the weather forecast. We got to go outside was rather warm and not breezy. I'm glad I took advantage...and I'm even more excited about the results. My sister came down and helped me out. He loves laughing at her! Total shoot time: 10 minutes!
Melts my heart!

How funny!!

He was talking here...I can just hear him! :)

Of course, we had to snap a few with his red chair! I'm trying to use it differently each month:)

I love this one because the hat fell down in his eyes:)

 Look at those eyes!!!

Kolton is definitely my inspiration...the most amazing blessing that I have ever received! :)



Kolton is 3 months!

My sweet boy turned 3 months old last Tuesday! Had to wait to post this because we surprised my Mom for her birthday:)
Isn't he the cutest?!