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Kolton | 5 months | South Central VA On Location Photographer

I can't believe my son, Kolton, is 5 months old already! I decided to do his photos about 1 week early because of the weather forecast. We got to go outside was rather warm and not breezy. I'm glad I took advantage...and I'm even more excited about the results. My sister came down and helped me out. He loves laughing at her! Total shoot time: 10 minutes!
Melts my heart!

How funny!!

He was talking here...I can just hear him! :)

Of course, we had to snap a few with his red chair! I'm trying to use it differently each month:)

I love this one because the hat fell down in his eyes:)

 Look at those eyes!!!

Kolton is definitely my inspiration...the most amazing blessing that I have ever received! :)