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Laura | Model Session | Danville, Virginia Photographer

I've known Laura practically her whole life...everyone always thinks we're sisters. I take that as a huge compliment. I mean, wouldn't you want to be confused as the sister of this gorgeous gal? Laura wanted to do a model session over her winter break to build her portfolio, so we had some fun. Was a cloudy day, so look for us to do another session in the future with more sun:)

Here are a few of my favorites from Laura's session:

Megan Bryant PhotographyMegan Bryant Photography

My favorite of them all...

Megan Bryant PhotographyMegan Bryant PhotographyMegan Bryant PhotographyMegan Bryant Photography

"Happy New Year!"

Megan Bryant Photography

So sassy!

Megan Bryant Photography

LOVE this with the mask....

Megan Bryant Photography

And this is a piece I made to doing something a little crazy for her portfolio...her skin is perfect.

Megan Bryant Photography

We had tons of fun...and we didn't quite freeze! LOL! I can't wait for more sessions like this with Laura...

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