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Kolton is 1! | Chatham, Virginia Photographer

My sweet boy, Kolton, is 1 already!! I just can't believe it has been a whole seems like just yesterday that I was pregnant, then in the hospital having this sweet bundle of joy. He truly was a bundle of joy...I can't remember life before him! My husband and I couldn't have asked for a bigger blessing...we have watched him grow from a little peanut to now a toddler! Kolton will forever hold a HUGE place in my, before I cry, here are some photos (just a few that I grabbed real quick!) that give a glance into the past year...

One of my favorite photos from the hospital...he hadn't even taken his first official breath yet!

Proud Daddy cutting the cord...

My little thumb sucker:)

3 months...the red chair photos begin!

The next few are from his 5 month session:) Some of my favorites!

LOVE the one below!

Sitting up like a big man!


I SOOOO wish we could have gotten him smiling of my favorites of the chair photos...we figured out a few minutes later that he just wasn't feeling well...


Look at him all big! Standing with his chair!!

May at the Beach:)

Walking at 9.5 months!

Kolton's first 4th!

My adventurous little man:) The next few are all 11 months...

First Haircut! At 11 months...

Here, he is almost 1!

This photo was used for his Birthday Party invitations...

I still haven't blogged his cake smash session...I am WAY behind on editing his photos! He enjoyed it, that's for sure! We used my old high chair--yep, you heard that right, this was my high chair when I was a baby! He uses it every time he is at Nana & Poppa's:)

At his Birthday Party...a "barnyard" theme:)

Running around with is candle:)

And...on the 15th...his 1st Birthday! Such a big boy now! And no, I didn't make that amazing birthday poster prop:) Nor the onesie! All thanks to Etsy!

Sigh. I can't believe it. I just can't! And I'm sure the years ahead will fly by just as quickly...I'll just watch him grow and steal all the hugs and kisses that I can:)

Thanks for taking the time to read my sappy post!

~Blessed beyond measure~

- MB



Personal Update: Kolton Wade is here!

So, I guess I need to update about my pregnancy! Well, it's over! Kolton Wade made his debut on Monday, August 15:) He is such a blessing...we are still adjusting, but love our sweet boy so much!! Here is his birth announcement...complete with photos by his proud Mommy!



Personal Post. makes 38 weeks prego! I am so ready to have this baby!! This past weekend was rough...I am bound to be having pre-labor with all the irregular contractions and back pain. I have still been shooting though:) I finally did my last shoot this past Wed and am now on maternity leave! I won't be booking anymore sessions until September...once we find out how baby is getting along;)
If you are interested in fall sessions, just email me your name and the type of session you're interested in and I will make a note of it!

Next time I make a personal will be of baby:) But for now, here I am at 37 wks...on a shoot:)

Thanks to Megan, from my previous post, for snapping this for me!