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Anna | 1 year old | Danville, Virginia Family Photographer

So this catching up on blogging thing while on maternity leave hasn't been as easy to do as I thought it would be. Babies keep you busy! And now I have 2! Anyways, Baby Anna turned 1 this summer and we were able to have a fun session with her and her family downtown:)

Here are a few of her family's favorites:

Megan Bryant Photography

So sweet:)

Megan Bryant PhotographyMegan Bryant PhotographyMegan Bryant PhotographyMegan Bryant PhotographyMegan Bryant Photography

And of course no 1 yr session is complete without a smash cake!!

Megan Bryant Photography

Anna's Mom is so crafty:) She made the birthday banner and the crown! And I soooo love that tutu!!

Megan Bryant PhotographyMegan Bryant Photography

Such a sweet girl! She did amazing for her session:)

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I look forward to working with you:)



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Noah 9 months | Gretna, Virginia Family Photographer

So begins my attempt to catch up on my blogging...Noah turned 9 months old in June. We have been photographing him since he was born:) Here are a few of my favorites from his lovely summer session! Even though it was really hot, I managed to tough it out and get some great shots of this cutie! (Plus or minus several ticks...)

Megan Bryant Photography

Of course, Noah's lovely Mommy, Jess, had to get in on a few too:)

Megan Bryant Photography

We always do a photo with his sock monkeys:)

Megan Bryant Photography

Cuteness OVERLOAD!!!

Megan Bryant PhotographyMegan Bryant PhotographyMegan Bryant Photography

Such a sweet boy! I just love photographing him:) Thanks Jess for always choosing us for your photos! I recently did a session with Noah's sister Kaylynn as well, so look for that blog in the near future, as I attempt to catch up.

[Personal Update: I am on maternity leave. No baby yet!]

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I look forward to hearing from you:) Megan

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Levi | Newborn | Danville, Virginia Newborn Photographer

So, I am going to use my time on maternity leave to catch up on blogging, but I thought that I would go ahead and share this lovely newborn lifestyle session with you! I visited with this wonderful family today...and dropped off some pretty amazing photo products as well! Levi was born on May 24. I had the pleasure of photographing him at 10 days old! Since I'm expecting, I haven't been taking on newborn sessions. However, when the Hilliards called, I did offer to do a lifestyle newborn session for them instead. They loved the idea, and it definitely made the session more personal by being able to do it in their own home! They are truly amazing people, and I'm so glad to have made new friends through working for them:)

I got to hear a lot about their "story" during their session...this sweet couple has been trying for 7 years to have a baby. Praise the Lord for this bundle of joy!

Megan Bryant PhotographyMegan Bryant PhotographyMegan Bryant PhotographyMegan Bryant Photography

Click the slideshow to view more photos from Levi's session!

I just love Levi's mini is the cover! Megan Bryant Photography

Thanks so much to the Hilliards for having me in their home! They are off to a great start as parents and I couldn't be more happy for them! Truly blessed.

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I look forward to hearing from you:) Megan



Allie | 1 year | Gretna, Virginia Children's Photographer

So I have been behind on blogging...a couple weeks ago I was able to shoot Allie's 1 year photos. Allie's Mom, Kim, has been bringing her to us since she was born! I can't believe it's been a whole year...time sure flies!

View Kim's favorite newborn photo of Allie.

View Allie at 3 months

View Allie at 6 months

Here is Allie at her last session, at 9 months!

Megan Bryant Photography

Here are a few of my favorites from here 1 year session...

Megan Bryant Photography

She was telling Teresa like it is! Hahaha...

Megan Bryant Photography

So precious....

Megan Bryant Photography

And of course there had to be a smash cake! Allie's lovely aunt Kelley made a beautiful lady bug cake for her to tear apart! LOL I just love this collage!

Megan Bryant Photography

Her faces are priceless! And she does so well being photographed! Kim, I hope she stays that way!

Thanks so much for bringing Allie to us this past year...we love yall!

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Baby Noah | 10 Days New | Newborn Session | Gretna, Virginia Photographer

Remember Baby Noah from the birth session? You may also recall seeing his Mommy and Daddy's (Jess and Jonathan) maternity session! He came to see us for his newborn photos a few days ago...along with his beautiful Mommy:) He is so precious! It's almost hard to remember my Kolton being that size, since it doesn't last long at all! We started off indoors with a few of Noah and Mommy...

His hair is perfect...and oh, those lips...

Noah with his sock monkeys:)

And being a book worm:) He already has some amazing books! (You hear that? That's the teacher coming out of me:) His Mommy is a teacher too!)

Precious details...

I think it's safe to say he's hungry here:)

And you know me...if it's warm enough, we're going outside! These are my absolute favorites:)

You can't deny how adorable he is!

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- MB



Welcome Baby Noah! | Birth Session | Lynchburg, VA Photographer

Jessica asked me months ago about photographing her birth. After a missed opportunity in June, I got even more excited about it as time grew closer. I was unsure at first if I would be able to do it as I had hoped for a teaching job. Since God (thankfully) had other plans for me, I was able to commit to the birth session! Sunday night, I got the text that things were in motion...after a week of constant contractions. I headed to Lynchburg and arrived a little after 10PM. Jess was in the tub, seeking some comfort, waiting for her water to break...we had no idea how many hours lay ahead...

The contractions were intense and very close together... [take notice of the clock throughout this post].

And they just kept one point they were last for 2 minutes and were only 3 minutes apart!

Jonathan was by her side the entire time! Soon the pain reached the point where Jess said "I tap out. Get me some meds!" She did so well, and considering how long her labor lasted, I'm so glad she decided to get an epidural! Her family was there to comfort her as well as popsicles:)

After 20+hours of labor, the doctor decided that it was best to do a c-section. Jess didn't dilate past an 8, and the doc didn't want her to continue to just lay there waiting. The two prepped for surgery at about 4PM. As I'm sure you know, I wasn't allowed back there for the actual "birth"...which I know was disappointing for Jess. We sent a camera back with Jonathan though, so he got some good captures:)

Headed back for the c-section...

I was waiting for them to come ready!

Here is Noah, headed to the nursery! He hadn't even had a full "bath" yet! So "fresh" to this new world!

I had to take the rest of my photos through the window...

He was flicking his tongue!

That's one proud Daddy:)

Welcome to the world, Noah James! It was a long ride! Congrats to you both, Jess and Jonathan, as well as little sister Kaylynn! I feel so honored to have shared these special moments with you! Can't wait to get your album ready! Now get rested up for the nights ahead:)

- MB


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The Custers | Family Session | Chatham, Virginia Photographer

The Custers are some good friends of ours who live out of since they were in for the weekend, they booked a session with us for their little family, and for Layla's turning ONE! We were so excited about this session! Layla is just too cute...and her Mommy and Daddy are so much fun to be around! I seriously think this is one of the cutest families ever!! It was too hard to pick only a few faves, so here are quite a few;) I'm not quite finished with the whole session yet, but these will hold them over!

Sun-shots are some of my favorites:)

Layla knows "nose!"

Daddy love:)

Mommy love:)

I don't know about you, but I think Layla looks a lot like Mommy here:)

There are too many of Layla on the quilt that I love!


Such a sweet, fun family!

Need a family session? Just scroll back up to the top of this page and choose the "Contact" tab to get started!

- MB

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Kolton is 1! | Chatham, Virginia Photographer

My sweet boy, Kolton, is 1 already!! I just can't believe it has been a whole seems like just yesterday that I was pregnant, then in the hospital having this sweet bundle of joy. He truly was a bundle of joy...I can't remember life before him! My husband and I couldn't have asked for a bigger blessing...we have watched him grow from a little peanut to now a toddler! Kolton will forever hold a HUGE place in my, before I cry, here are some photos (just a few that I grabbed real quick!) that give a glance into the past year...

One of my favorite photos from the hospital...he hadn't even taken his first official breath yet!

Proud Daddy cutting the cord...

My little thumb sucker:)

3 months...the red chair photos begin!

The next few are from his 5 month session:) Some of my favorites!

LOVE the one below!

Sitting up like a big man!


I SOOOO wish we could have gotten him smiling of my favorites of the chair photos...we figured out a few minutes later that he just wasn't feeling well...


Look at him all big! Standing with his chair!!

May at the Beach:)

Walking at 9.5 months!

Kolton's first 4th!

My adventurous little man:) The next few are all 11 months...

First Haircut! At 11 months...

Here, he is almost 1!

This photo was used for his Birthday Party invitations...

I still haven't blogged his cake smash session...I am WAY behind on editing his photos! He enjoyed it, that's for sure! We used my old high chair--yep, you heard that right, this was my high chair when I was a baby! He uses it every time he is at Nana & Poppa's:)

At his Birthday Party...a "barnyard" theme:)

Running around with is candle:)

And...on the 15th...his 1st Birthday! Such a big boy now! And no, I didn't make that amazing birthday poster prop:) Nor the onesie! All thanks to Etsy!

Sigh. I can't believe it. I just can't! And I'm sure the years ahead will fly by just as quickly...I'll just watch him grow and steal all the hugs and kisses that I can:)

Thanks for taking the time to read my sappy post!

~Blessed beyond measure~

- MB


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Maddie is 1! | Children's Photography | Chatham, Virginia Photographer

We have been photographing Madeline since she was born...and I can't believe that it's been a whole year! She is such a cutie...her birthday party theme was Pink John Deere, so of course her Mommy had her decked out in her John Deere attire for her photos! Here are a few favorites:)

A year ago, she was IN that watering can!

Love this series!! She was too funny!

Isn't she cute?!

- MB

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Kolton is 10 months old! | Chatham, Virginia Photographer

My sweet "baby" boy is growing up so fast:( He is learning so much now that he is mobile...yes, you heard that right! He started walking about 2 weeks ago. He now has 4 teeth and loves eating off of Mommy & Daddy's plates:) I can't believe his 1st birthday is just around the corner!

Sigh. I know, time flies...but for now, I want to just take in all of this cuteness...join me?

Thanks for viewing;)