Fall is here and with that comes cooler temps. As I was browsing Polyvore, I thought that I would share some of my findings with you all:) There are some new trends this year and I kinda just like fashion so yea, I wanted to share and talk about it! HA! 

Sometimes, its just hard to let go of summer. I know it has been very hard for me this year. I just didn't want the sunshine, tan lines, and pool time to end! If this is the case for you too, layering is a great option. One thing I do is just add a jacket....yep, shorts on and throw on a jacket. 

Maybe you're a simple gal who doesn't like to go over the top with her outfits. Graphic tees are awesome (and fun) and go with anything! Jeans, shorts, even some skirts. 

One thing that is on trend for this fall is velvet. And this is with everything...tops, bottoms, shoes, etc. And I really love the merlot/burgundy color palette so this set is so rich:) 

I've also noticed that chokers are on trend this season. And they've already made an appearance at a senior session! 

Where are my boot lovers at? You just can't go wrong in the fall with boots. Add a little sass with boot socks/cuffs:)

So yea, I may not wanna let go of summer, but I can definitely have fun with fall fashion no matter the style! And of course, a good variety is fun for your senior session too, right?! I always get excited to see the layered pieces that are brought to senior photo shoots:) Boots, scarves, leggings, sweaters, jackets, vests, hats, everything! 

Which set above is your fave??