Election Day is quickly approaching...and I think we can all agree that we can't wait for it to all be over. This election has perhaps been the worst for mud slinging in history...everyone is sick of it and just ready to move past it.

Some people are very firm in their belief for who makes the best candidate...others, like myself, are rather conflicted, as no one seems like an option to define as "best." 

Whether you're a Hillary fan, Trump fan, 3rd party fan, or "let's close our eyes and check a box" fan....it's still imperative that you go out to the polls on November 8. 

There are numerous reasons why this election is important:
-the White House is an open seat, no incumbent is running. Therefore, a new President AND Vice President will take their place in January. 
-the VP is a tie-breaking vote for the Senate, which is looking to be split 50/50 after this election. Hence, making his role rather significant this go-round.
-the Supreme Court is sitting at a split as well, hence making the elected President's appointment(s) vital to the balance of the court system for years to come. 

The above are just a few reasons of the importance of this election in regards to our branches of government. However, we all sometimes feel like there are other "way more important" things going on in the world that should receive more attention than politics...

Like the current racial issues plaguing our nation---our civilians, our police officers, etc.
Or the threats to nations around the world from ISIS and other terrorist groups...
Or the national debt. And more on my level----student loan debt that seems to drowning many students who have completed their studies. 
Or unemployment. 
Or taxes. 
Or insurance. Ohhh, insurance. Such a HUGE mess. 

I could go on and on naming issues that need a resolution that instead seem to be getting worse. The current state of our nation is simply sad. Anyone who says we are thriving is completely brain washed. 

I have never been so conflicted about an election. I normally let my deciding factor be abortion---I vote for the candidate against it. However, this year I've watched, listened, read, and ignored so many debates, campaigns, social media rants...people are seriously CRAZY. 

1. Criminals should not be allowed to run for President. 
2. Women deserve respect, as do all people really. 
3. Don't endorse someone today that you totally threw under the bus last week. 

I know I'm kinda all over the place at this point, but that's exactly what I mean! It's crazy! And honestly, this could be the election where a 3rd party becomes a major party...but people are so afraid to vote for those candidates, believing its a wasted vote. Which, I can see the strategy there, but still, make your voice heard. Don't vote for someone just because you don't want the other candidate to win. 

Moving on...

In the midst of all of this turmoil, I called in a model to work on studio lighting with me. We were just having fun and playing around with different techniques. 

I asked her if we could do an editorial for the election...to share feelings about how conflicted we feel, how torn this nation is, how sad so many people feel....just pure, raw emotion over the angst of the approaching Presidential election. 

Lindsay was game for doing whatever I wanted, as was her Mom, who was present during the shoot. 

I hope that this image makes you feel what I feel. Raw. Torn. Upset. Bitter. Conflicted. Angry. Disappointed. Sad. Doubtful. Wrapped in a nation that has forgotten its foundation. Looking for answers. Not finding them. Clinging to what's left. Fearful of the future. 

Thankfully, I have a God who is King, regardless of who is President. And regardless of the results of the election, I'm still gonna pray for our President. He or she will definitely need that...

I'm not gonna sling mud on here at any of the candidates...enough of that has happened already. I just wanna portray how I feel. How so many of you feel. 

Please go out and vote on Nov 8. If you don't, your voice isn't heard. And pray. Pray hard.