I love cards. And stationary. And paper products of all kinds really:) I love the convenience of text messages and FB messages, but I'm kinda old fashioned I guess because one of my favorite things is getting mail! So I recently came across this site, MINTED, and their products are AMAZING! So I thought I would blog about some of my favorites:) They offer just about everything, from cards to invitations to photo products! My favorite thing of all though is that they offer foil press. Foil press = shiny and ohhhhh I love shiny!

Getting married soon? Check out Minted's wedding invitations! There is quite the selection...and they have foil options too! This one jumped out at me since I've seen a lot of people go with a rustic theme that includes Mason jars.


This one has a Gatsby feel to it:) And it's foil.


And who doesn't love a good floral design:)


Let's move on to something unexpected. Um, ok, personalizable wrapping paper?! How amazing is that?! They have photo options too:)


There are art prints and wall art...and photo art!


There are framing options too! It's like they thought of IT ALL!

I personally can't wait to get my hands on some of their stationary cards, the foil ones:) With my new branding, I think my girls will love the silver ones I have picked out!


There are books that can be made into planners, address books, or just left as journals! I love this one:


Minted has seriously amazed me at all that they can do. So what are you waiting for?! Hop on over to their site and get started shopping for your next project or paper product! I'm certain you won't regret it!

- Megan