On October 4, MBP sponsored a Hair Donation Event at New Reflections Salon in Danville, VA. Stylist Candice Guill cut 10 heads that day, although she had already collected a few donations in the couple of weeks prior from generous clients:)  Our area has experienced and continues to experience the effects of cancer. I know that the story of Claire Parker really hit home with me, as well as with MANY, including people across the country (such as Tara Mesyn who also recently led a hair donation event in her area in Michigan). And a little girl named Kiera has battled cancer, taken treatments in NY, and experienced hair loss. I know that there are others...I just felt led to donate my hair. I have always been vain when it comes to hair. I haven't had short hair since elementary school, so it certainly felt like a calling to do this--I certainly wouldn't have done it otherwise! My sister decided to join me, you will see photos of us and our cuts in the first board below. A total of 165" of hair was donated to CWHL, Children With Hair Loss. They will take the hair and make wigs for children in need, free of charge. What an organization! The minimum donation amount is 8" but most of the donors gave a little more than that! I gave 9"...and a couple of the ladies had such thick hair that theirs was split in half and became double donations!

Enjoy a few shots from the day...some from my camera, my phone, and some shot by my sister:)

MeganBryantPhotography MeganBryantPhotography MeganBryantPhotography MeganBryantPhotography

These 2 ladies below donated prior to the event: MeganBryantPhotography

I would like to thank Candice Guill (pictured in 2nd board, pink shirt) for being such an amazing stylist and donating her services for the day. Thank you to all of the donors who came to the event, as well as those who donated prior. You all looked amazing...not a bad look in the bunch! Thank you to the Rustic Pearl (my sister's jewelry/crafts) for gifting a pair of earrings to each donor! I look forward to doing this event again in the future!


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