Kattie is yet another beautiful senior that I've had the honor of photographing this year. Kattie's friend, Marissa, our first 2013 Senior, talked her into booking with me after she tagged along on her session:) So, I had already met Kattie prior to her session, and I knew she was going to be tons of fun! I loved her use of accessories, her hair color (it was lighter the last time I saw her), and her willingness to pose however I asked her to! I am not quite finished with her session, but here are a few favorites so far...I had a hard time narrowing them down!

We started downtown...

She has simply gorgeous eyes...

My absolute FAVORITE here...

Look at those LASHES!

Of course, as always, field shots are some of my favorites! Look how warm the light was! I was in LOVE...I could shoot there everyday and not get tired of it:)

When I told Kattie that I wanted to try a hat with her, she was hesitant at first..."I don't like hats!" I told her just try it...I must say, we were both happy with the results. I told her she might as well start wearing one everyday since she works it so well! :)

Yep, Kattie is a baller! She also plays volleyball! Quite the athlete:)

Thanks, Kattie, for booking your senior session with us! We had tons of fun with you! We hope you LOVE your photos:)

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We look forward to working with you to make your senior photos memorable!

- MB