Post 6! If you haven't read the previous 5 posts, you will want to! I'm blogging about my favorite photos from my sessions in 2011.
This lovely couple had me do their engagement photos in October...and they were married a few days ago on New Year's Eve! Congrats to Jess and Jonathan!
I just loved this one of her ring, but them kissing out of focus just makes this shot!
Love this one with the sun back lighting them:)

The Owen family was a lot of fun to photograph. Little Peyton is so funny! She kept calling me a silly goose...which was one of my tactics for keeping her attention:)
I love fun shots like this one.

This is the shot they chose for a large canvas! So sweet:)

This was my favorite shot of 2012 Senior, Katy.

Renee and Brian's engagement session had a lot of favorites for me, but managed to narrow it down to 3!

This one was one of Renee's favorites too!

I absolutely love the emotion in this photo...

Be sure to check back for a few more Faves of 2011 postings! If you want to see all of my favorites from 2011 now, you can check them out on my fan page!